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From Author: Tim Ryan

Addiction and heroin abuse didn't make Tim Ryan a better person, but recovery has redeemed his years.


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Tim Ryan and Jennifer Gimenez-Ryan

Tim Ryan, famously known as A&E's Dope Man and a substance abuse interventionist and Jennifer Gimenez-Ryan, world renowned model, actress, substance abuse counselor, and reality TV star aren't your typical celebrity couple in Hollywood. Not only are they famous and in active recovery, they are both proactive in changing lives.

Sometimes, even helping to save them.

Tim and Jenn speak to audiences all over the world. Whenever possible, they travel and work together during public speaking engagements. They inspire their audiences to live a more fulfilling, passionate and purposeful life.

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If you happen to be addicted to something - anything -  or work professionally with people who are, Tim and Jenn will share the tools necessary to overcome that which is preventing you from being all that you can be.

We're more than just one topic.

We're about living life.

Every one of us is confronted with challenges and adversity in our lives. Tim and Jenn leverage their professional training in substance abuse issues and very personal and private experiences of resiliency, renewal and redemption in an authetic and masterful way. They touch the hearts and minds of all who are fortunate enough to hear their message.

They are among the top presenters in the world for schools, colleges, treatment centers, and hospitals, as well as being in an elite group of speakers who are invited to share their expertise with law enforcement, first responders, and medical and mental health professionals.

Supermodel Jennifer Gimenez-Ryan shares her story of rising to fame in the fashion world, bringing to light and exposing the darker side of beauty and the Hollywood industry.

Upon moving to the U.S. from Argentina at 13, Jennifer Gimenez was discovered by famed photographer Bruce Weber. She quickly ascended to international stardom, appearing on hundreds of magazine covers from Vogue to Bazaar and Marie Claire, and was the youngest model ever to appear on the cover of American Elle. As a runway model, Gimenez walked the catwalks of Paris, NY, Tokyo, London and Milan for the world’s top designers. She was named to Maxim's "Hot 100" and Esquire's "Women We Love". She's starred in videos for artists like Mick Jagger, Prince, and 2Pac, among others. She's also starred in television and film, including Blow, starring alongside Johnny Depp, Vanilla Sky, Corky Romano, Charlie's Angels, as well as appearances in the Oscar-nominated documentary Let's Get Lost. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Tim Ryan knows that the heroin epidemic has spread into the suburban landscapes of America and has created something just as dangerous as the lives it takes, its complete denial.

Tim Ryan struggled with addiction for 30 years, being incarcerated for 7 years for drug-related convictions, overdosing 7 times, and being announced clinically dead 3 times. He lost his 20 year old son in 2014 to heroin and has attended 96 funerals since then. Painfully aware of the realities of drug addiction, Tim is now a recovering heroin addict and founder of the A Man in Recovery Foundation, working to expose the truth about addiction and work within communities to create solutions to drug addiction and instill the messages of hope and recovery.

Tim has been featured in over 50 publications, from the front page of the Chicago Tribute to Newsweek, The Steve Harvey Show, and Dr. Drew. He has also assisted CNN on a series about heroin in our community airing Fall 2016.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

"Tim Ryan and Jenn Gimenez-Ryan

are truth tellers and heart healers."

Powered by purpose

and propelled by passion.

Addiction. Mental Illness. Suicide Prevention. Eating Disorders.

Both are survivors.